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Primary Three had great fun ‘zapping’ their friends during mental maths. This has supported our knowledge of adding and subtracting.

P3 enjoying learning about odd and even numbers.

P3 enjoying learning how to measure using non-standard units.

Primary 3 are exploring doubling and halving numbers during mental maths. They must be quick to beat the timer.

P3 had a trip to Stranmills Teaching College to take part in a Maths Bubbke show with Bubbles the clown.

We are learning all about time this week. We have looked at 'o'clock' and 'half past'. We made our very own clock templates and enjoyed playing 'What's the time Mr.Wolf'.

We are learning to sort 2D shapes into a Carroll Diagram

P3 using money to buy items

P3 sorting 2D shapes

P3 making number train patterns