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One week in and we have been checking on our Mummification experiment each day. Some of us are horrified at the results so far. The tomato left untreated has ‘gone furry’ and ‘blue-moulded’ with ‘lots of bacteria’, a few of us were brave enough to have a sniff!


The ‘mummified’ tomato has remained covered in salt with no smell. We can’t wait to check it out!



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Picture 2

Mummification madness! 


We have been learning all about the process of Egyptian mummification. They used a special salt called Natron to absorb the moisture and preserve the bodies. As a whole class we conducted an experiment to mummify a tomato! 


We have chopped the tomato in half and kept one half untouched. The other half we covered in a mix of soda and salt. We will keep observing these over the course of the week and are excited to record our results! 

Litter don’t drop it, stop it! 
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Primary 5 & 6 participated in an interactive anti-litter workshop delivered by Belfast City Council. We had to decide how long it would take items to disintegrate in a rotting litter guessing game! We really enjoyed this workshop and now recognise the importance of recycling and keeping our local community clean.