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P1 enjoyed taking part in our whole school Numeracy week. They looked for shapes on the Daily Mile, decorated squares and circles and sang number songs. The highlight of the week was a Numeracy themed dress up day and guess the number of balloons in Mrs Roulston’s car!

Exploring cuisenaire

Peg patterns

We can use the minibeast pictures to help us count backwards.

We enjoy using number fans during Mental Maths.

We are learning to add sets.

P1 had fun using Beebot to help them take-away.

Learning to partition sets of 5.

P1 have been learning to recognise coins. They had great fun playing shop!

We made a pictogram to show our favourite fruits.

Super number work.

We love making sets and patterns and playing games is fun. We can talk about what we are learning in numeracy.

Fun with numbers!

We love to count and write numbers.

We worked in pairs to put the numbers in the right order.

We can count and write the numbers.

We can compare and talk about the set with 'less'.

We can talk about more and less.

We can make stairs from 1-10.

We can find the number on the blank track.

We can put the numbers in the right order.

P1 have been comparing sets for 'more' and 'less'.

P1 have been learning about patterns. They enjoyed copying 2 colour patterns and talking about them.