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World Around Us

P5 enjoyed a fantastic morning at Martyrs Memorial Church learning all about Martin Luther. We learnt so much about Martin Luther and how he influenced the church. Thank you to Phil, Alana and the team for such an interesting day out!

The Amazing Journey visited Blythefield

P5 had another great day at Tescos on the Lisburn Road. We learnt all about Fairtrade, and found lots of fairtrade products in the shop. Many thanks to Sharon for a great morning, the children had so much fun!

P5 had a fantastic trip to the Titanic Centre in Belfast on 2nd February. It really brought the whole story of the sinking of the Titanic to life for us!

P5 had a lot of fun during our great British Bird Watch day. We spotted lots of birds using our binoculars! Thank you to Catherine O'Boyle who came to school to tell us all about garden birds!

Visiting the Planetarium

P5 have had fun carrying out science investigatons into how to load a ship without it sinking. How many passengers can the ship hold? How can we make the ship stable? What will prevent the the ship from sinking?

P5 at Tescos!


On Thursday 29th September, P5 had a super morning at Tesco. We learnt about Harvest, followed a Harvest trail and enjoyed some lovely autumnal snacks! We also enjoyed our party in the fridge!! Thank you Sharon and the staff of the Lisburn Road Tesco staff for a great morning!