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Baby Jovie walked into P1 for her last visit to the class. It has been so lovely watching her grow and develop this year. Thank you so much to Jovie and mum Julie for coming into our class this year. We will all miss you both!

Thank you for the lovely card, chocolates and treats for everyone.

P1 really enjoyed their last visit to the outdoor play area at Arellian nursery school. Thank you to all the staff and pupils we loved all our visits to your wonderful play area.

P1 enjoying the Good News with Phil and Alana. They loved the songs, stories and quizzes.

Birthday celebrations in P1. This time it was Maisie who was blowing out the candles.

We helped Kennedie celebrate her birthday in P1.

Baby Jovie came into the classroom for another visit. She can clap and crawl now!

We enjoyed having an American student visit our classroom.

Our Roots of Empathy baby makes us all feel so happy. We love baby Jovie coming into our classroom.

Baby Jovie came into our classroom again. She can sit up now and loves to be tickled! Jovie was trying to talk which made us all laugh. She made us all feel happy.

We have a new friend in our class - Our Worry Monster. If we are worried about something we can put our name in the monster's mouth. Mrs Hunter will check the monster every day and help to sort out any of our worries.

Christmas Jumper Day

Sparkling stars

Beautiful angels

P1 had a wonderful time visiting Santa at the Linen museum in Lisburn.

They had fun making Christmas trees and snowmen.

P1 enjoyed a Christmas visit to Tesco's on the Lisburn Road.

They had great fun using the tills.

It was Porsha's 5th birthday so we had some birthday cake. Thank you to Sharon Morrison for the lovely surprise!

Last of all we made a Christingle. Thank you to all the staff at Tesco's for a great morning.

P1 had a fantastic trip to the Transport museum at Cultra. Everyone brought along a grown-up! They all had fun searching for Berkeley Bear who was hiding in lots of different vehicles.

Spotty buns for Children in Need.

Baby Jovie came into our classroom for her second visit.

Jovie smiled at us. She can almost roll over.

We enjoyed another visit to the outdoor area at Arellian Nursery.

We had such fun playing with our friends.

Fun during play time in P1

Lots of giggles at Punch and Judy.

Our Roots of Empathy baby is Jovie. She is going to teach us all about our feelings. We will also learn how babies grow and develop.

She loves to drink milk.

Jovie loved looking at us when she was lying on the infant roll.

We can't wait to see baby Jovie and her mum Julie next month!

Halloween fun in P1

Our first visit to Arellian Nursery.

We had such fun playing in their outdoor area!

Sam and Sophie are the class teddy bears. Every Friday they go home with a lucky boy or girl for the weekend. We all look forward to hearing about their weekend on a Monday morning.

We enjoy snack time every day!

We can work together to solve puzzles.

We have made lots of new friends.

First day in P1