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Literacy activities in P1

We love to read and write.

Wonderful writing

Super Literacy work!

P1 are getting better at using their sounds to build and read words!

The Big Bedtime Read was so much fun. P1 loved having Lacey's mum Sindy visit their class to read to them!

Fantastic work!

We are working hard to read words in P1!

Learning to read is fun in P1!

We can build and read words.

We can write.

Super writing

Super sound work!

P1 are learning to read and build sentences.

We can write our names.

Fantastic writing!

Super sound work! We can write the sound 't'.

P1 are now learning to read and write sounds. They loved learning the sound 'S'.

We love to write during Play time.

P1 are learning to read. They have been introduced to the Oxford Reading Tree characters. They are trying very hard to learn to read the names.

P1 have met two new friends Leo and Donald. Each Friday they will go home with two children. They will have great fun sharing experiences with their new friend. They will return on Monday ready to share their experiences with the class. Mazie and Bentley both loved having Leo and Donald at their homes.

P1 are enjoying learning to write.