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World Around Us/ A.B.L

P3 out enjoying the sunshine with Park Life Belfast City Council. We all enjoyed the mini-beast hunt, wool worm searching and getting to decorate a butterfly with pieces of nature to create its colour.

P3 started their new topic on ‘Animals’, we are learning all about different types of animals and how they move.

P3 discovering and learning about migration, feathers and types of birds at Castle Espie.

P3 are enjoying learning all about birds. They worked in groups to build their own nests, their cooperation and teamwork skills are fantastic.

P3 out discovering their own local park with Parklife Belfast City Council.

P3 presented a brilliant assembly on the Polar Regions. All the Blythefield pupil’s loved taking part in the quiz at the end.

P3 learning about the Polar Regions the Arctic and the Antarctic through activity based learning.

P3 Activity Based Learning. In groups this week we worked together and used our imagination to create igloos using the construction blocks.

P3 Anti-bullying week. We looked at creating good friendships and how we can be better friends to others.

P3 out at Tesco learning about Harvest and what foods have wheat in them.

P3 out discovering their local park with Belfast City Council Parklife programme

P3 Activity based learning