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Art Club

Art Club is held on Thursdays for KS2 from 2-2.45pm with Miss Larkin. A variety of art and craft activities are planned for pupils allowing them all to experiment with a range of media and materials.

Art club enjoyed creating their own cherry blossom tree paintings. They used pencils and paint to create their own interpretation. KS2 art club made their own origami jumping frogs and raced these in class. 

KS1 and KS2 created some lovely watercolour paintings of flowers. They explored how to mix colours and see the effects of water and paint have together to create some lovely subtle work. 

Art Club created their own mosaics using squares of paper. They created lovely colourful rainbows and multicoloured fish
Art club have been getting into the Christmas spirit 

KS2 used their imagination to decorate and create an Autumn drawing using a combination of leaves from

our school playground, pencils and crayons. 

KS2 are using pencils to create crazy hair self portraits. 

KS1 enjoyed experimenting with watercolour paints as they mixed colours, blended them and created their own interpretation of a poppy. 

Art club are enjoying doing observational drawings and texture rubbings outside in our school garden. It was a lovely sunny day ☀️
Art club are enjoying making some Easter egg wreaths! 
Art club have been busy creating cherry blossom tree paintings and sewing to create owl cushions. 

In Art Club this week we explored making flowers with paper plates, tissue paper and oil pastels. We also looked at aboriginal art and created dot paintings wit oil pastels. 

P4 and P6 made their own Christmas tree robin decorations by sewing and using felt, wool and google eyes. What a lovely decoration and a great skill learnt. 

KS1 enjoyed painting their own Christmas tree. We explored tone, colour and texture using paint and sequins. 

P2 and P3 are getting into the Christmas spirit and loved creating polar bear drawings using pastels and stars. 

In Art Club this week we looked at the artist Wassily Kadinsky and created our own abstract art drawings. 

We enjoyed painting our own flower paintings! We used our observation skills to create our own interpretation of a tulip.

Beautiful sunset watercolour paintings were created in Art Club. We looked at colour blending and the effect of water and paint combined. 

We explored how to combine colours in Art club and created our own oil pastel sunflower. 

FANtastic day in Art Club making some glorious handmade fans. 

We have made lovely crafts for our brilliant fathers for Fathers Day! We can’t wait to give our handmade gifts to them. #superdads

KS1 enjoyed creating their own tissue paper collages of Elmer the Elephant and KS2 created eye catching watercolour flower paintings. What artistic pupils! 

KS1 and KS2 had a fun afternoon making hand flower bouquets and flower cards for the special people in their lives. 
KS2 has great fun bubble blowing and using these to create bubble prints on card. 

KS1 enjoyed learning about The Rainbow Fish. We then went on to create our own rainbow fish using a range of materials. This has encouraged us to think of how colour and texture helps create an interesting and effective piece of work. 

What a fun afternoon we had in Art Club! We made Easter bunny bags to collect our Easter eggs and painted our Easter eggs using rulers. This gave our eggs a colourful and appealing effect.

We loved making Mother’s Day cards and flower bouquets in Art Club. We can’t wait to give these to our mums.

KS1 enjoyed using forks to paint their petals onto their sunflower in Art Club.

KS2 had a lot of fun making their own 3D tulip cards.

KS1 made their own valentines card for their loved ones using cotton wool and paint.

Valentines is approaching so KS1 and KS2 have made love bugs for their family. What a lovely gift!

We know how much our loved ones support and care for us. So as a thank you we all made a flower bouquet for that special someone.

Primary 1-3 explored printing with potatoes in Art Club this week to create their own penguin potato print painting.

Primary 4-7 enjoyed decorating their own book marks using lolly pop sticks. They can’t wait to use these in school during quiet reading.

In Art Club this week with KS1 we got messy with paint and made our own fingerprint pineapple posters.

We are staying in the Christmas spirit in Art club, so we made our own Christmas pine cone trees.

KS1 made their own Christmas tree decorations and can’t wait to display these on their own Christmas tree.

We have been busy this week in Art Club, making snowflakes and creating our own Christmas school post box.

KS1 got into the Christmas spirit this week as they made their own Christmas tissue paper cones.

In Art club this week our inspiration came from the Egyptians. We made our very own egyptian collars using a range of mediums and displayed them on our necks.

KS1 enjoyed making their very own robin paintings using their hands. We explored the combination of colour as well as the importance of positioning and direction on a page.

KS2 worked with clay today to make their very own snowmen. They used manipulative skills to mould and sculpt their clay aswell as learning about texture, shape and developing their creativity.

KS2 enjoyed making their hot air balloons and looking forward to displaying these at home.

Ks1 had a lot of fun creating autumn trees with their hands and cotton buds.

Ks2 hot air balloons in progress. We are enjoying making our hot air balloons using paper mache. We are looking forward to finishing these.

KS1 enjoyed making their own hot air balloons

Jellyfish suncatchers

Butterfly puppets and windmills with KS1 and KS2

Friendly sea turtles.

Clothes peg butterflies.

Colourful windmills.

Mini beasts in the grass.

Crazy cats.

Egg wreaths and bunnies.

Rainbow snakes .

Hyacinth prints.

We love making things in Crafty Creations.

Our snowmen can bounce!

We now have lots of new children in our Crafty Creations club. We enjoyed making dancing snowmen.

Look at our paper chains!

Scary monster masks!

We enjoyed decorating our own photograph frames!

Crafty Creations September 2016

Mother's Day cards

Birdcages and fishbowls

Christmas Trees

Winter art- Snowmen plates

Crafty Creations has started with Mrs Moore. So far the P2/3 children have enjoyed decorating their names and picture frames. They are now working on a colourful hanging to celebrate Harvest. The new P1s have joined us for the first time and have had a great time decorating their name.

Last day treat making fruit salad

craft club busy bees

Crafty creations have been busy creating a summer garden

KS1 Christmas Art

KS2 Easter crafts

KS2 Mother's Day shoppers

Button cards

Plastic cup snowman and igloos

KS2 upcycling