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World Around Us

P3 had a fantastic time at the Ulster Museum. We enjoyed looking at all things to do with birds and finding out amazing facts about all sorts of animals.

P3 enjoyed their penguin huddle investigation. We made our penguins from plastic bottles and filled them with warm water. Then we tested the water using thermometers to see which stayed warm the longest - the ones in the middle or around the outside?

P3 had an amazing day at W5 with Good Shepherd Primary School as the first part of our Shared Education programme.


We learnt new things about making music, played in Space Base, learnt more about science in the Discovery Zone, climbed the Climbit wall and made lots of new friends!


What a great day! We can't wait to meet up with Good Shepherd again.

P3 really enjoyed their visit from The Recycling Bus. We learnt all about how to recycle and reuse different materials. Then we planted cress seeds after making our own plant pots from newspaper! Thank you for a great learning experience!

P3 were delighted to have Cille back with us as part of the Parklife programme. We talked about squirrels in the classroom and then went out to Blythefield Park to do lots of activities to do with trees, squirrels and falling leaves. Thank you Cille for a great day!

We had a lot of fun performing our Assembly on Pirates to the rest of the school this morning. We were all amazing at speaking and we think you'll agree that we looked great too!

P3 enjoyed our first visit from Parklife this year. We were all sorts of interesting learning facts about the outdoors near our school and played a fun game in the garden. We can't wait until the next lesson!